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Firefly the game

My family and I are big fans of the television series Firefly and the movie Serenity so naturally we had to get the game when it came out. We all love it! We seem to find time to play it at least twice a week! Everyone pitches in to get chores done so we can play. It’s the best! It’s the only time that the whole family can sit around the table together and none of us has a screen in front of our faces. We’ve played and enjoyed other games once in a while, but this one seems to have struck a chord with all of us that it has never even been ‘put away’ yet. We box it up so it doesn’t get ruined or pieces lost, but it has never been put in the cabinet with the rest of the games. It has a place of honor right on the kitchen table.

It takes up the entire table when we play so we bought a set of four wooden fold-up tables that each of us keeps by our side to hold our ship, cargo, parts, and gear and crew cards. We even bought partitioned trays and small containers to use to keep all the cards, money and pieces organized while we play. It’s well worth the money we spent on it. We found the booster card pack and bought it on the spot. Some of us even wear the Jayne hats I knitted while we play.

I can’t sing it’s praises enough! I hear there is going to be an expansion pack coming out in April. We’ll be getting that for sure!

We’re gonna need a bigger table!

Firefly board game