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>Thing #5.1 – Spell with Flickr

>plain card disc letter m card letter a R Bead Letter S Pewter Lowercase Letter h card letter m A L L O Copper Lowercase Letter w

This is really cool!


>Thing #4 – Flickr


I’m familiar with Flickr and have posted some pix on the RPLMNinfo Flickr account . But since I’m not in my office at the moment (don’t you just love snow storms that keep you from being at work?) I don’t know my log-in information to be able to tag one with “23 things”

So, I decided to do the first part of this THING – find a picture and post it. I thought I would try to find a picture of a perfectly roasted marshmallow. SUCCESS! Check it out!

Way to go Chelseachip – who ever you are.

I found lots of other nice marshmallow pix but this was the first one I came to that allowed downloads.