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Branding Workshop

Question of the day: How do you create a branding identity for a library when there are 6 different people, in 4 different departments, using 4 different types of software, creating their own posters, brochures, etc?

  • Each of these 6 people have different skill levels and design concepts.
  • The departments creating marketing pieces are: Communications, Reference, Children’s and Readers’ Services.
  • The software being used are: Adobe InDesign, Corel Draw, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher.

Well, the 6 people mentioned above, plus my supervisor are going to a branding workshop to hopefully find an answer to this question.

I’m thinking that we will learn all about using the same set of colors, fonts and design styles, using a grid, set up templates, etc. yadda, yadda, yadda, I’ve heard all about it while I was in college for graphic design many years ago and also when I worked at a famous medical facility that takes it’s Branding Identity seriously.

We already know all that stuff, the question is still there… how do we set up, implement, and maintain a branding identity when the people who create marketing pieces are so spread out in terms of software, skill set, and department?

As I see it, we have 4 options:

  1. Since everyone has MS Word, we could all use that to create everything. I honestly can’t believe I even thought of this much less actually suggested it. I shudder at the notion of trying to create everything we do in MS Word – or even MS Publisher. That software is great for what it was created for – word processing, not so great at making posters and newsletters; especially if we want our pieces to look professional.
  2. Get everyone using the same professional-grade design software so we all have access to the same fonts and poster templates, etc. This would be the ideal but professional-grade design software, even for non-profits, are too expensive in the current budget crunch. Plus there would be the time needed for training everyone how to use it since it’s not anything like MS Word.
  3. Send all the creating to one department. Ideally, we would have a department that would be able to handle all the creation of marketing pieces. In old times, this was done by the Communications Department. Unfortunately, there is only one person in the Communications Department that does this (me). I don’t have time to create everything that needs to be done because I have lots of other duties to take care of.
  4. Change nothing and agree that each department can have their own branding identity and be happy with how we’re doing it because we’ve been doing it this way for years.

Well, this is my pre-conference ruminations. We’ll see what comes of it.I hope I will be surprised with an incredibly simple solution that I am missing entirely.


>Typography is beautiful

>I just created this graphic in Adobe Illustrator for the library foundation and just had to share it.