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Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

I picked up this book because I heard there was time travel in it and it was very highly rated. I was very disappointed that it turned out to be a ¬†mushy romance instead. I made it through the first 100 pages or so just waiting for something exciting to happen but could see that the main battles being fought in this book were Claire’s internal battles as she adjusts to being thrown into a different time and finds herself falling in love with a wild, young, handsome Scot, even though she had a husband back in her original time.

This just wasn’t my type of book.


>Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett

>I absolutely loved this book. The story revolves around a cathedral, who built it, where it was built, how it was built and the joys and frustrations felt by all the characters in the story. The characters are brilliantly developed, humble monks, power driven bishops, simple builders, greedy lords, clever women, etc. It was filled with political intrigue, revengeful plots, and secret loves. Really, an amazing book! I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys an epic historical fiction novel.

>My Name is Mary Sutter by Robin Oliveira

>I’ve never read a Civil-War book from this point of view before. It was very interesting. Mary Sutter, a midwife from upstate New York, wanted so much to be a surgeon but there wasn’t a medical school or doctor that would take her seriously. When the Civil War started, she followed her brother and brother-in-law to war. They went to Virginia to build a fort, she went to Washington to provide medical help. Medicine at this time wasn’t very far advanced, they didn’t know enough to wash their hands between patients and women were not known to be doctors or even nurses at this point. Mary struggles to find her place in the medical field and in the process sacrificing so much of herself.

I enjoyed reading this book, it was very well written and moved easily in time and place between the characters. I’m anxious to see what Robin Oliveira comes out with next.