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>Twapper Keeper

>I just found another cool twitter tool… Twapper Keeper.

This site pulls all the tweets that contain a certain hashtag, keyword or a person and puts them all together into a list, called a notebook, for you. I noticed that @rudibrarin made one from the #libtech2010 conference.

I tried to make a notebook with that hashtag but mine didn’t work. I guess you’re not supposed to put the # in when it asks you what you want. When mine came up, it showed ## so didn’t pull up any tweets. I couldn’t find where to delete that one either so it’s just sitting there with 0 tweets and my twitter name next to it. I noticed that someone tried to get the notebook and noticed it didn’t have any tweets in it.

Great, a non-deletable public fail!

My apologies to anyone who tried that notebook only to find nothing. I’ll try to make another notebook with Twapperkeeper later, after I recover from my humiliation.

Here’s a great Twitter cheat sheetcreated by @bananasuit.


>Library Technology Conference 2010

>I learned a lot from this conference, even though I didn’t attend it.

Thank you to everyone that was twittering while at that conference using #libtech2010.

Some of the things that I’m going to check out as a result of “hearing” about them from the twitter feed.

Hootsuite: I already checked this out and really like the potential. I love the fact that you can schedule your tweets and see your followers/friends and how many followers/friends each one has. I tried to send a few tweets with it, but for some reason it wouldn’t work. I had to revert back to Tweetdeck to do that. Just a bug? I don’t know. I also like that Hootsuite wasn’t a download where Tweetdeck was. Sometimes I’m not too sure about downloading stuff from the internet.

Fences: Speaking of downloading stuff from the internet. I want to try Fences because it looks like a great way to keep the desktop organized and so I can see my awesome wallpaper better. But when I get to the download page there are all sorts of disclaimers that it’s save to down load, no spyware, no adware, etc… for some reason that made me nervous. I haven’t downloaded it yet. Still thinking about that one.

Friendwheel: interesting but not too excited about it. Not too sure what it really does.

Atomkeep: something to keep all social networking accounts in one place. I will probably check this one out later. I don’t feel overwhelmed with my accounts – yet.

Scratch: This looks very fun and will probably show my kids this one. It’s a site that allows you to make little animated clips.

Prezi: Awesome way to do presentations to get away from death by powerpoint. Will look into this one for sure.

Pachyderm: another presentation tool. I don’t know what this one does but will check it out when time allows.

Google Wave:
I’m waiting patiently for my invitation…

Second Life:
I tried this the first time during the 23 Things and thought it was very cool and could see potential in it but it really creeped me out and don’t think I’ll ever use it.

Other things I learned:
One of the speakers sounded like Carl Sagan.
Someone was spotted wearing an argyle sweater.
There were plenty of bagels in the morning.