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More books to read!

I’m was right in the middle of A Storm of Swords by George R. R. Martin when I was distracted by a new shiny book called The Caldarian Conflict by Mike Kalmbach. Mike is the leader of our Writers’ Group in the library and he mentioned that he published a book and it was now in the library. I was so busy  with work at the time that it didn’t occur to me to check it out. I finally took the time yesterday to check it out and started reading it – the first two chapters had me hooked, it’s a dystopian, fantasy, mystery. I was intrigued right away. I’m mid-way into the book now and will post a review later.

Another book that I plan on reading very soon is The Cultivores by Teri Louise Kelly. I just won it as an ebook from LibraryThing. I can’t wait to get started reading it!

Sometimes I wish reading were my job.


>How do you keep track of what you read?

>Do you remember what you read last month? How about last year? A few years ago?
I remember when I thought I would be able to remember every book I ever read. Ok, I was probably only about 12 when I felt that way. Now, (not too many years later) I realize how foolish that idea was. I’ve read so many books since then only a few stand out in my memory. If only I had kept track of what I read then.
A few years ago I started a web 2.0 journey which taught me so many things about the online world. That was when I was introduced to a thing called LibraryThing. An online database that will keep track of books – what you’ve read, what you want to read and much more. Being a book lover this really excited me so I dug right in. Since then I have learned other online sites to help keep track of what you’re reading. To name a few:

  • LibraryThing – LibraryThing is an online service to help people catalog their books easily. A free account allows you to catalog up to 200 books. A paid account allows you to catalog any number of books.
  • Good Reads – See what your friends are reading. Join a book club. Keep track of what you’ve read and organize your books into virtual bookshelves.
  • Listology – a user-contributed, searchable collection of book lists.
  • Shelfari – Shelfari is a community-powered encyclopedia for book lovers. Create a virtual bookshelf, discover new books, connect with friends and learn more about your favorite books – all for free.

Many people keep track of what they read by blogging. Here are a few blogs that feature book reviews:

  • Minnesota Reads – a blog written by Minnesota writers about the books they read and local book events.
  • Friday Reads -a global community of thousands of people who come together each week to share whatever they’re reading.
  • Friends and Friends’ Bookstore – This site will share information about the Friends of the Rochester Public Library, Book sales and events, and the Bookstore. In addition, the Book Whisperer, a Friend of the Library, will make book recommendations.
  • President Ramaley’s bookshelf -Judith Ramalely, President of Winona State University, shares her current reading selections and recommendations.
  • 100 Best blogs for Book Reviews – It seems that a large number of book fanatics love to write about what they’ve read almost as much as doing the actual reading.

What method do you use to keep track of what you read? Where do you find good book reviews?

>Book Reviews

>I am so excited to post my review for Dreadfully Ever After by Steve Hockensmith. It’s the Sequel to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. What happens to the Bennet girls? I can’t tell you until March 22. And I probably won’t tell you either because then it will spoil the story for you. Heh heh. Not another word until then.

I also have some Terry Pratchet reviews to post as well as another Neil Gaiman review. Busy, busy, busy. At least I’m sleeping at night now. That was a crazy mixed up month or two there. I still prefer the night-owl hours but I like my day job and most of all my paycheck so I had to change things around a bit.

I’m able to telecommute one day a week now which helps a great deal. Still trying to sell my old house and there has finally been some action on it the last few weeks. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that somebody that is as desperate as I was when I bought it 8 years ago will come along and think it’s as great as I thought it was.

>I write like…

>I kept seeing “I write like [enter author here]” in twitter and facebook so naturally I had to try it too. I started entering text from this blog and other newsletter articles I have written into the analyzer and was pleased at the results.

My writing was compared to Stephen King, Leo Tolstoy, Margaret Atwood, Chuck Palahniuk, Kurt Vonnegut, James Joyce, Ray Bradbury, and Douglas Adams. All great authors – although I must admit, I’m only vaguely familiar with Chuck Palahniuk; that means Fight Club will be added to my to-read list.

Currently reading:
The Subtle Knife – book 2 of His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman

on the back burner still resides:
Green Mars – Kim Stanley
Naked Empire – Book 8 of Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind.

>May was Crazy!

>May was the craziest, busiest month ever! That quilt project really took a lot out of me and I’m trying to wrap it up. It’s been on my desk for way too long. I have one final version to make – who’d have thought that the one we were sending out for professional printing would have such weird rules! They want the paper to be 8.75×11.25 instead of showing bleeds? They want the covers in RGB instead of CMYK? Interesting. But it’s the only site that we’ve found that will allow us to print 8.5×11 in portrait layout so we’re going with it. Thank goodness someone else has offered to take on the website version of the book! I’ll post a link when it’s available.

And on a personal note, my fiance and I found a house that we both love – actually it’s the yard we absolutely love, the house… well. We have a five-year plan about that. We’re hoping that in five years we can either add on to the house or just demolish it and build new. The house has very tiny bedrooms and we’re not even sure my queen sized bed will fit! We still like it though! We’ll just be awful cozy for a while. I can’t believe that a family with 10 kids lived in that house.

Still reading Android Karenina – almost to part III! Remember, I’ll be posting a review on June 8!

The whole month of May went by and I didn’t get a single Thing done. Ok, I’m talking about the Web 2.0 project call Things on a stick. I’m hoping in June I’ll be able to get back to that since I’ve been falling behind. But then again, maybe not June because I’ll be moving then and will be taking some time off work for the move.

And oh, I have to say that I really want to win this Kinekt Gear Ring from sweeps4bloggers.My fiance and I both love this ring and are even thinking about getting these for our wedding rings. How geeky is that?