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>I could really get used to this telecommuting thing!

>This whole telecommuting thing is working great. Well, for me anyway. I’m not too sure how it’s working for my co-workers. I feel bad for the misunderstanding today, see, they thought I was going to come in today because I telecommuted on Monday too and I am only supposed to have one day a week. Well, Monday was a totally different story. My husband had an epileptic seizure so I stayed home with him. Even though he slept all day, he still needed someone there with him. So, I called in to work and told them I was planning on telecommuting. My supervisor said, “Do whatever you need to do.” I was still planning on telecommuting on Thursday because of an iPad seminar I signed up for, but my co-workers didn’t know that. They called me, all worried because I didn’t show up for work. I hope this doesn’t put a bad mark on my record now. This telecommuting thing started as a 6 month trial in which I’m only 2 months in. After the trial period, if things go ok, they said I may be able to get another day per week. I’m really hoping it works.

I like my co-workers, they’re great people, but they are also the most distracting people ever. It doesn’t help that my desk sits in a wide spot in the hallway. The desk next to mine is the Volunteer Coordinators’ – they have people coming in to talk to them all the time. The next desk up is the, um, I’m not sure what her title is but she’s the one everyone goes to when they have a question on their time card, all the new employees (and there are a lot of them) stand there and get the orientation speech. I can almost recite it as many times as I’ve heard it in the last 5 years. The door to the public area is by her desk too so she gets all the public interaction, complaints, people wanting to hang signs, renting meeting rooms, etc. The copy machine/staff mail room is next to me and it has glass walls so you can see/hear everything that goes on in there. Sometimes they like to stand there and chat when they’re waiting for their copies to be made or for the laminator to warm up. It’s really a busy area and it seems like everyone who walks by thinks they have to say something to us.

I get so much work done on the days that I don’t go to my office, than the days that I do. There are so many distractions and interruptions at my desk that sometimes, I admit, I don’t get a single thing accomplished. Not being in my office – no matter where I sit, I can concentrate on what I’m supposed to be doing and don’t feel so overwhelmed by my to-do list. I get to sleep in until 7:30! That in itself is a great benefit. Plus it saves so much on gas if I don’t have to commute for two hours a day. Even with a Hybrid car the gas bill is horrendous.

On days that the kids are home from school, I pack up my laptop and head to the library (free wifi). Nobody bothers me there, the phone doesn’t ring, I don’t have to drop everything and reserve a meeting room, or transfer a call. I don’t have to plan my lunches around other schedules. In fact, I usually eat at my laptop, not really taking a lunch. The only obstacle I’ve found so far (for me) is that I don’t have access to our servers. This forces me to plan exactly what I’ll be working on and then save it on a flash drive or upload it to Dropbox so I will have the files I need to work. It has been working so far, but it’s clumsy and slow. It would be more efficient if I could just have access to the servers, but that’s a whole new can of worms.

Yeah, I really could get used to telecommuting. My to-do list would appreciate it too!