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>Threads of our Community Quilt

>The Quilt is unveiled, the book is printed and the whole weight of the world is off my shoulders.

Well, some of the weight anyway. Now I’m trying to catch up on everything that got put on the back burner – you should see how many back burners I have going! It’s a fire hazard!

Now, as promised, are photos of the quilt in all its splendor. These photos don’t do it justice, you need to come in and see it in person. This quilt is 18 foot long!

The wooden podium was designed and hand-crafted by my supervisor – isn’t it gorgeous? And the book sitting on it is what has been keeping me out of trouble for the last two months. We’re working on getting a web site that will have all the pages of the book in it. But I’ve attached a couple of my favorites here.


>Quilt project

>I have been extremely busy on a project at work. This project has taken up so much time and has caused so many grey hairs since it started; I will be sooooo glad when it’s over.

The Threads of our Community Quilt project- in a nutshell is collaborative community quilt. We asked members of the community to create a block that could be attached to a quilt that represents their culture, heritage, region of birth, etc. Originally the quilt was going to have about 32 blocks, it was going to hang in the library and that was going to be the end of the story.


The quilt is now 55 blocks large, we’re going to have an “unveiling” ceremony, and we’re making a book that describes each block and the artist that made it. Sounds simple enough but I’ll let you in on a little secret… It’s NOT simple.

First we had to decide how we were actually going to get these blocks from the community. We did this by sending out calls for artists to help with the project. Of course we didn’t have enough blocks by the first deadline, but then had too many by the extended deadline. Then we had to figure out which ones to use. That was easy, we just used them all, with the exception of two people created two blocks, we only accepted one from each.

The volunteers that were in charge of putting the quilt together did an amazing job of piecing the quilt together. I’d attach a photo, but it must remain unseen until the unveiling ceremony.

While the quilt was being pieced together, a committee was working on gathering information for the book. This is like pulling teeth! The original deadline to get everything for the book was April 22, then it was April 26, now it’s May 6. As the designer of the book, you can safely bet I’m getting anxious. We need to have the book printed and bound by the ceremony on May 16. YIKES!

The book, oh, the book.

It has taken many different forms since it’s inception. Originally we were going to get it professionally printed and bound by an online service like Shutterfly. We wanted a fair amount of text to go with the photos of the blocks and we just wouldn’t get that with Shutterfly’s pre-existing templates. Then we found another online publishing service called Viovio. This service allows uploads of pdf files in portrait format! Perfect! So all we’d have to do is format the book the way we want it and then submit to Viovio, get it printed and viola! great looking book. Until we looked at the price… Ok. well, we can get one book.

We wanted to be able to give a book to each artist/volunteer/author/editor/ that had a part in its creation. A quote from the local printer proved to be way out of reach as well so we decided to print them in-house.

Binding was our next problem. We didn’t want the black plastic comb binding, but the metal ring binding would do. We managed to get the binding paid for by Fed-Ex Printing as long as we put their logo on the back. Yeah, we can do that, but they haven’t sent their logo yet.

The committee is still working on the introduction of the book. I’m afraid there are too many people with different ideas on what the quilt means. The introduction will either be 50 pages in order to include what everyone wants to say or it will be one sentence – all that’s left after we take out what everyone thinks should be taken out.

While working on the book, I’m also working on the invitations to the unveiling ceremony and the powerpoint show that will be shown during the ceremony.

Meanwhile my regular duties are continuing to back up…