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>Twapper Keeper

>I just found another cool twitter tool… Twapper Keeper.

This site pulls all the tweets that contain a certain hashtag, keyword or a person and puts them all together into a list, called a notebook, for you. I noticed that @rudibrarin made one from the #libtech2010 conference.

I tried to make a notebook with that hashtag but mine didn’t work. I guess you’re not supposed to put the # in when it asks you what you want. When mine came up, it showed ## so didn’t pull up any tweets. I couldn’t find where to delete that one either so it’s just sitting there with 0 tweets and my twitter name next to it. I noticed that someone tried to get the notebook and noticed it didn’t have any tweets in it.

Great, a non-deletable public fail!

My apologies to anyone who tried that notebook only to find nothing. I’ll try to make another notebook with Twapperkeeper later, after I recover from my humiliation.

Here’s a great Twitter cheat sheetcreated by @bananasuit.


>Library Technology Conference 2010

>I learned a lot from this conference, even though I didn’t attend it.

Thank you to everyone that was twittering while at that conference using #libtech2010.

Some of the things that I’m going to check out as a result of “hearing” about them from the twitter feed.

Hootsuite: I already checked this out and really like the potential. I love the fact that you can schedule your tweets and see your followers/friends and how many followers/friends each one has. I tried to send a few tweets with it, but for some reason it wouldn’t work. I had to revert back to Tweetdeck to do that. Just a bug? I don’t know. I also like that Hootsuite wasn’t a download where Tweetdeck was. Sometimes I’m not too sure about downloading stuff from the internet.

Fences: Speaking of downloading stuff from the internet. I want to try Fences because it looks like a great way to keep the desktop organized and so I can see my awesome wallpaper better. But when I get to the download page there are all sorts of disclaimers that it’s save to down load, no spyware, no adware, etc… for some reason that made me nervous. I haven’t downloaded it yet. Still thinking about that one.

Friendwheel: interesting but not too excited about it. Not too sure what it really does.

Atomkeep: something to keep all social networking accounts in one place. I will probably check this one out later. I don’t feel overwhelmed with my accounts – yet.

Scratch: This looks very fun and will probably show my kids this one. It’s a site that allows you to make little animated clips.

Prezi: Awesome way to do presentations to get away from death by powerpoint. Will look into this one for sure.

Pachyderm: another presentation tool. I don’t know what this one does but will check it out when time allows.

Google Wave:
I’m waiting patiently for my invitation…

Second Life:
I tried this the first time during the 23 Things and thought it was very cool and could see potential in it but it really creeped me out and don’t think I’ll ever use it.

Other things I learned:
One of the speakers sounded like Carl Sagan.
Someone was spotted wearing an argyle sweater.
There were plenty of bagels in the morning.

>Thing # 50 – Personal Learning Network (PLN)

>I often get asked, “where in the world did you learn that?”

Lately, most of the time I answer – “Twitter.” I never thought of it as my PLN before, but I guess it really is. Facebook is pretty close, I follow lots of library advocacy pages. My favorite page lately is the Quirk Book pages. I find out when the next cool books will be published and recently even got an opportunity to read/review one! Watch my blog on March 3! Hint, hint!

I never realized how much I actually do pick up just from the two second glances at my twitter feeds once in a while. When I find an article that was posted from someone I follow on Twitter, I usually add that blog or site to my RSS and follow it myself.

My RSS feeds now consist of graphic design sites, sites that offer free fonts, tutorials, tips, tricks of the trade, design inspiration, etc. Things I’ve learned on these sites, I have used at my work at the library when creating posters for events, logos, etc. I also follow library sites and learn how other libraries are marketing their services. I take what I learn and turn it into something that works for me and the library I work for.

I recently found out that my library is now on the top twitter lists of libraries!

Here is a mosaic of my personal twitter friends.

Get your twitter mosaic here.

>Thing 49 – Tweetdeck

>So I FINALLY installed Tweetdeck. I’ve been meaning to for quite a while but just never got around to it.
And…. now I’m kicking myself for not doing it before!
Before Tweetdeck I was going back and forth between my personal account and the library account all the time. Yes, sometimes I talked to myself between the two. The thing’s I’ll do just to promote the library…
Anyway, now it’s so much easier to tweet something from the library, then retweet it from my account, and then watch the “Mention” column for other people re-tweeting.
The mention column is very cool because you can tell at a glance when other people are talking about you, or to you.
I did have to turn the notification sound off – very annoying.
I tried to upload my Facebook account in there as well, but didn’t quite like that as much. I couldn’t find how to post on the wall of the Library page that is tied to my Facebook account, and that would be the main reason for having it on there.
If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know and I’ll try it again. But for now, I just keep Facebook out of Tweetdeck.

Waiting patiently for Thing #50. What’s it going to be? Google Chrome? 4Square? More “fun generator” sites?

>Thing #48 – Twitter Again

>I received a newsletter from Things on a Stick News and was pleased to see that the “Things” are still coming – although not in the previous format. This blog was born during a project called 23 Things on a Stick, a fun and unique way to learn web 2.0 tools. Tools which I now use both for personal use and for the library that I work for. After each “thing” we were to blog about what we learned. If you search the archive of this blog, you can see my progress through the “things.”

After the first 23 things were complete, they came up with “more things on a stick” which I also completed and blogged about. After I was finished with the program, I continued using some of the tools I learned about for the library (and some for personal too!)

Social Media Update: I set up Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter accounts for my library last March. So far we have 519 Facebook fans, 228 Twitter followers and only 31 MySpace friends. As a result of the low numbers and lack of interactivity on MySpace, I have to admit, I haven’t given it much attention as of late. But Facebook and Twitter has taken right off.

I post things like library events, services, relevant articles, photos, and other library related topics and it seems to be popular with our patrons. We get comments and “likes” on Facebook and we have Twitter followers that faithfully retweet some of our tweets. We do have a Flickr account that I post photos on and a YouTube account that I hope to be utilizing more in the future with a marketing campaign that’s brewing in my mind – but I need some video equipment before I can get started on that.

I think this is a great way to learn new things and greatly appreciate the efforts of all the people who set up this program and made it available for us.